Jarek Marszewski is a multi-award winning director and screenwriter who gained recognition throughout the world for his innovative approach to filmmaking and unique visual style. He studied directing at FAMU, Czech Republic’s prestigious Film and TV Academy in Prague, before graduating from the Kieslowski Film Department at the Silesian University, Poland. He is also a graduate of the English Department at the Wroclaw University, Poland. He is an outstanding and multiple award winning filmmaker.


He is the Co-founder of Omega Media Productions. He is a passionate and determined filmmaker that loves all aspects of his field. He is a fiercely detailed perfectionist that buries his heart into every project he has. He has an unwavering creative zest that points others into directions that most would’ve never thought to explore.
He got his Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production at The Art Institute of Philadelphia.
Born in Philadelphia PA and raised in Blackwood NJ, John Rifici showed great ambition towards the entertainment business. Having received a camera for his 9th birthday, John Rifici has carried out many film projects.


Husam Chadat is an actor and Film director based in Berlin Germany. He studied Film Directing at the film academy in Munich Germany, and before that Acting at The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Damascus- Syria. As an actor, Husam appeared in numerous German, Syrian and international television and feature film productions such as Tatort, Insyriated, Flash drive, Bell Bottom, The new Pope and Michael Bay’s 13 Hours (2016). His work as director includes Just get married (short) and the documentaries Bernd Eichinger. When Life Becomes Cinema (2000) and Secrets of Life (2015).


Florian Deyle was born in Munich in the year 1973; He is a reputable filmmaker with a full list of projects on his belt. He studied political science and completed his training as bookseller and Publisher. He studied of film and media economy in HFF München. He is a Member of the European & German film academy. He is also the Festival director of the Unified Filmmakers Festival.


Rita Anko is a multifaceted filmmaker from Adamawa state, Nigeria, she graduated from National film institute in Jos and since then has been involved in multiple mainstream movie projects. She is major in cinematography and minor in producing and directing. Her first big project was her film titled lockdown. She has worked with big-time Nollywood filmmakers like Keneth gyang, Ali Mustafa and has been making waves in the movie industry as a female cinematographer and filmmaker in West Africa.


After graduating from the Communication University of China and the Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, Zhao Songqiao is Visiting professor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts ,Also as the CEO of the Create Asia Group in Hong Kong. For his animated film Peking Opera Anima(2014) has received the Best animation film award from the Festival du Cinéma Chinois de Paris and Winning work of ASIAGRAPH Tokyo、Finalist Award of ADAA Fukuoka. His Short film Silver Clown (2020) 、Installation City(2021)、Grand ArtExam(2021)were awarded at the Montecatini International Short Film Festival and won a Madrid Film Award、CortOglobo Film Festival Italy、LAMPA International Film Festival and other awards. His documentary film about “China Intangible Cultural Heritage” was invited to be shown at the government in Lyon, France,and got the thank letter of the Lyon government. He has also served on the jury at other film festivals.


UJAM CHUKWUNONSO is an actor, comedian, director and producer with great depth, who kicked off his career in the year 2004 and has starred in and produced numerous Nollywood movies.

Aside acting and directing, the Ahmadu Bello University graduate has featured in reality TV shows, such as: THE GREAT SEARCH 2008 (By AIT/DAAR COMMUNICATIONS) GLO ROCK N ROLL 2009 & GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH 2012.
Ujam Chukwunonso is one actor that gives a believable interpretation to every role he is cast for.


Hassan Ahmed Raja is an actor and filmmaker from Pakistan. He was 9 when he first realized his passion for telling stories but, with time, he forgot about it. The moment of realization came when he finished his graduation in Electronics Engineering and dreamed to pursue a career as a filmmaker. He considers theater and radio as the main source of inspiration to turn him into a better performer and storyteller. In future, he plans to write stories and make films that could help in bringing peace and love in the world. As a filmmaker, he considers Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, Majid Majidi & Hayao Miyazaki as his biggest inspirations

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