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Our TOURING FILM FESTIVAL embraces diverse cultures around the world, we hold film screenings and award gala in different countries each year



Motion Pictures International is a start up company built by young creative Africans as a means of exchanging and celebrating cultures around the world with all genres of films. They have four major arms, Film Production, Film Distribution, Film Academy and a touring Film Festival. The touring film festival is the most active arm of the company at the moment. Motion pictures international Film Festival (MOPIFF) is the first of its kind, a touring film festival set to embrace diverse cultures around the world. The festival is usually held in different countries around the world each year; the maiden edition took place in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018. Our second instalment was in Utah, United States of America in 2019, while our third was done online because of the covid 19 pandemic in 2020. The company also lunched a charity program called Rural Film Showcase which is a way of giving back to their society especially people living under $1 a day in Nigeria. This program was designed as an outreach to take meaningful and relatable films alongside food and other donations to rural communities every quarter. Over the years they pride themselves in connecting thousands of people around the world and strive to do more.

MOPIFF celebrates young film makers telling their stories to the world through motion pictures; to address key issues that affects the general public and to provide an equal platform for independent filmmakers to showcase and distribute their work on a global scale.

To raise awareness by visiting different countries across the globe and use cinema to create a revolution that will change the social and economic horizon in the world,  by providing the wherewithal to the abundant talents resident in our communities to rise up and reach for their ideals. Establish bridges for partnerships with international counterparts to ensure quality, expertise and global standard, access the local film market, accelerating their development sustainably.

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